Unmatched Wealth Management Software. Unmatched functionality. VisualAdvise includes all functions for administering affluent clients. Reliable and powerful, yet easy to use. View and analyze your clients' portfolios, create reports or search, with the included CRM, for relationships and potential new clients. Set the strategy of your portfolios and let them automatically adjust to the model. Complete MiFID / FIDLEG compliance and monitoring.


Prospecting, Client master data, Relationships, Scheduling, Workflow and Task management, Document management, Notes, Templates, Time recording, Client profiling, Investment proposals and more.
Complete integration with Mail and Office products for an even more seamless experience.


Complete full featured Portfolio Management System, Evaluation, Performance (MWR/TWR), Benchmarking, Risk, Strategy, Model portfolios, Restrictions, Ordering, Consolidation, Multicurrency, Unbundeling, Monitoring, Freely definable evaluation periods, High quality reports, etc.


Client onboarding, Full fledged KYC, Flow of Funds, Contact reports, Strategy monitoring, Threshold monitoring, Document monitoring, Validity monitoring, Suitability and appropriateness, Qualitative risk assessments and monitoring, Authorities communication management, Audit trail, Fully MiFID and FIDLEG compliant.

Based on new Technology and new Design

Unmatched speed. All calculations are done in real-time. No precalculation or prestored calculation required. All analysis results retrieved on the fly in no time! Example: Portfolio with 5000 transactions per year with 10 years of bookings - Evaluation in less than 200ms, TWR in less than 1.2 sec, Risk figures in less than 2.6 sec.!
Swift interfaces to all major banks. Security and quote data from all major Dataproviders (SIX, Bloomberg, Reuters, EDI, etc.).
Complete open system: Integrate other systems or use our web services to access VisualAdvise data and calculations. All major databases supported: IBM DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HF C/S, Sybase, Informix, Progress and many more. Easy migration from other systems. Use it on your desktop, tablet or with a subset of functions on any web browser. Our newest web version, using the latest technology and responsive design, is getting into its final stages and will be available soon. Its sleek and fast! We are not resting here. Our new research and developments using Artificial Intelligence to optimize your daily work are integrated into VisualAdvise.
Our company has been founded by a team of software engineers with a significant combined experience in developing complex software solutions. We are a privately held, profitable company and our revenues are derived from commercial software licenses, application development services, consulting and other IT services.

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WHY VisualAdvise

All functions in one Application

Prospecting, CRM, PMS, Compliance,
Reporting, Interfaces and Workflow management. We have built VisualAdvise from scratch and therefore all functions interoperate seamlessly with each other. No more switching back and forth from one application/module to another. VisualAdvise can suggest or guide you through the functions. It's multilingual (English, German, French).


We can also build add-on's to VisualAdvise. Whether you have a fully functional specification or just a basic idea, we will work with you to ensure you get your add-on that works for you. We can keep updating your working add-on as your requirements change over time. You imagine it, we build it!

Web access

Need in-house web access or want to grant your client access via a web browser? We offer tailor made web front-ends. All views and fields can be restricted from viewing with our detailed access rights mechanism. Measures up to the highest security standards. We also offer the ability to access our functions via web service. All web front-ends are multilingual.


VisualAdvise is very easy and intuitive to use. Should you need help, we offer email and phone support. We do also offer on site training.


VisualAdvise allows for external partners to be defined for specific services and tasks. Need external services such as Back office or Compliance? Contact us for more information.
We also offer project management and data migration services through our partners.


Deployment can be done on-premise or can be hosted in our environment. Whichever fits best your needs we will deliver.

Seeing is believing

Don't take our word for it. Request a live presentation of VisualAdvise.

Join our growing list of customers including various banks, asset managers and family-offices
located in Europe (incl. UK and Switzerland), Middle East and Asia.
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Latest product news

Oktober 11 2017 - On the fly portfolio base currency change, multiple portfolio comparisons including against Modelportfolio and/or Benchmark, AML Risk calculation and lots more. Stay tuned for our new Next Generation Wealthmanagement System - Browser based and using the latest technology: Java, HTML5, Angular etc.. Vertricaly and horizontaly scalable, multi tenanancy, three tier architecture, rule based, on premise and private cloud deployment etc..

January 4, 2017 - New Version 3.0 - Lots of new features requested by our customers have been implemented - more than +50 new components. More electronic banking interfaces added to the already many existing ones. Ability to have trade confirmation attached to the bookings. Ability to define enhanced restrictions for UCITS rules etc.. Multiple strategies can now be attached to a portfolio - these are, like in the previous version, automatically monitored. Client risk assessment and monitoring. Hierarchical quotes retrieval. Services to populate VisualAdvise data for dashboards (Qlik, Tableau and others). Enhanced user interface for even more clarity. Much optimized performance - now about two to three times as fast as before. And lots more.

June 19th 2016 - New Version 2.0.4 - Ability to book and manage non bankable assets such as collectibles, real estate etc.. Private equity management (Commitments, capital calls, distribution, NAV, TVPI, TPI, IRR, liquidity terms etc.). Global orders. Direct ordering from evaluation. TopView for quick overview of all portfolios performance and liquidity availability. Qualitative risk assessments and lots more.

Mar 2nd 2016 - New Version 2.0 with many exciting new features and even easier handling.

Dec 14th 2015 - New KYC which allows for complete descriptions of complex structures.

July 9th 2015 - Hierarchical structure for unbundling funds or fund of funds. Deinvest/invest cash flows.
See incoming and outgoing cash flows from investments made.

May 5th 2015 - Portfolios can now include other portfolios. So now it's possible to build hierarchical portfolio structures!

Feb 11th 2015 - Notes, Documents and Tasks are now directly available in the analysis window of the portfolio. No need to open other windows to access the notes, documents and tasks related to the portfolio.


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